Fly Tying and Collection

David plying his fly tying trade


The fly patterns I have developed to cater specifically to match the hatch situations which arise on the Mataura and other local rivers. While they are not infallible, fished correctly, in the right conditions, these New Zealand flies have consistently produced the desired result.

Below are just a few of the flies I tie and use on our local rivers. Some are standard patterns, others I have developed myself. All are personally hand-tied and are as durable as I can make them. I will also custom tie any pattern you may require.

CDC Emerger

First Choice

Roll-wing Emerger

Spent Spinner

Water Boatman


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        Dark Dress        

Dark Dress (biot body)

        Chile Fly #1        

        Chile Fly #2        

Hare's ear parachute

Mataura Emerger

Bead Head Pheasant tail

Spent Spinner

Itoh san parachute

'I am an avid collector of old fishing tackle and also have an extensive Fishing Library'

David plying his fly tying trade

David plying his fly tying trade


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