Dear David,
I would like to comment on the exceptional guiding service you provided on the mighty Mataura River.
Nathan and myself had become despondent about our fishing.  Having had too many unproductive sessions.   We now realise we had been fishing in the wrong places in rivers and using the wrong techniques.  The 1.5 days of guiding has rekindled our interest in fishing and we cannot wait to exercise our new found skills on our local rivers.

Also please pass on my thanks to Bev, The packed lunches by river, were very welcome.   The evening meal and overnight’s accommodation were of the highest order.

Look forward to catching fish with you again.

Yours sincerely

David Parmenter


" Let me introduce the Mataura River as the best river for fly fishermen who love the match the hatch. The size of the river is similar to the Nagara River in Japan. It has many places that resemble the Last Chance and Bonefish Flat, which is shallow and flat, in Henrys fork.
Mayflies are abundant and a lot of trout are rising at them in head and tail fashion. Average size of trout is bigger than 20 inches. Watching trout sucking mayflies, my heart is throbbing heavily. Sometime it is easy to get them, but some are quite hard. In such case, it gives me a tense beyond description and I love it.
However, trout are not rising everywhere all the time. Each spot has its own condition for rise and David, our guide, knows it as his fingertips.
I learned many from him this time as well.
He studies Japanese and the person like me, who is not good at English, can spend memorable time.
I have fished this river in 2000 and 2003. I don't know it is because there are countless spots with many rising trout or the character of the area, all the person I met while I was fishing seemed nice and having good time benevolently.
Near Mataura River, there is Oreti River where big brown trout inhabit. Average size is bigger than 70cm and you can hook a life time dream of a trout bigger than 80cm with a dry fly.
I have fished around all over the world including Russia, U.S.A. and Canada. Even for such a person like me, this place offer unique fishing opportunity and I decided to visit here every year. So, come here. You can't stop coming. "

Kenji Sugisaka


" When guiding, David doesn't push his clients. We well understands that most of failures in fly fishing result from too much excitement. He knows how to calm his clients in the hottest of situations to obtain the best result. He knows hot spots of course. "

Seiji Sato, writer/photographer


" A guide's competence may be measured by the options he can offer. When heavy rain comes, when no hatch comes, or when we find other fisherman in the spot we are planning to fish.... he always seem to have an alternative which is as good as the original plan. He suprises us by his clever choice, and makes our days memorable. He never lets us down. "

Bill Higashi, editor/writer

For the last 18 years I have guided full time in the United States for 6 months,  each year on Montana's Big Horn River.  Since 1990 I have spent 5 - 6 months each year Fly Fishing New Zealands North and South Island.

I am not allowed to guide in New Zealand and refer all inquiries to a few select guides who I know are the best in their area.  David Orr is such a guide.  No matter what direction the wind should blow,  David knows what River and which section he should fish.  He ties a great fly,  possesses a contageous enthusiasm for the sport of Dry Fly Fishing,  and is one of those crazy 'Trout Bums' that you'll probably find out fishing alone when he is not out guiding.

A booking with David Orr will ensure you of being guided by one of Southlands best Fly Fighing Guides.

Ron Grannerman
Big Horn Angler
FT.  Smith,  Montana
USA.  59035.


"I have fly-fished in the north island of NZ, US, Japan and Australia before but the Mataura is arguably the best destination I have been to, in terms of the number of large rising brown trout which even jump to fight (so why do you need rainbow trout?). David is not only  totally professional about guiding but has the same "heart" and "attitudes" towards match-the-hatch dry fly fishing which most Japanese fly fishermen enjoy (i.e. if the degree of "troutbum-ness" can be scaled to 10, I think David is 12!). I thoroughly enjoyed fishing with him and also his and Bev's hospitality, and also appreciate his understanding of our culture through his early Karate exposure. He not only let me fish the way I wanted to, but gave me the right advice and help whenever necessary. I recommend anglers from Japan fish with him for at least the first couple of days of their stay to ensure they will understand the diversity of fishing opportunities there. Don't forget about  about taking a stomach pump and a fishing net larger than 20 inches!"

Takashi Adachi


" I first learned fly-fishing in New Zealand. Since then, I am mad about fly-fishing and visit Mataura every year. The Mataura River is the place you can enjoy matching the hatch. It seems that fishing becomes harder every year but it is the fun part of fishing in Mataura. In my second trip to Mataura, I was facing some difficulties. That was when David gave some advice. He is very kind and a great fisherman. He is the best fishing guide in Mataura and he has an answer for any question about Mataura. He really loves fishing and is a true 'dry fly fishing addicts.' Knowing him made fishing in Mataura memorable one and I desperately want to go back there again. Mataura is the place where anyone will have some satisfaction. Please enjoy warm hospitality of Bev and David. "

Tomoko Yonezawa